Friday, 11 March 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise

My Dear  Sisters and Brothers, today I would like to share my views  towards my Hotel Panna Paradise  It is one of the best  hotel amongst budget hotels in Agra.The name Panna  has been derived from the name of my great  Grand Father  ((  Late Shri Panna Lal Dubey ji)) , so its an tribute to  him.  We are able to start this Hotel because of the blessings of our grandfather and  grand mother. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

Increasing Tourism in the city of Tajmahal , Agra

Hello , My dear friends  ,
I would like to  share my views with you towards the increasing tourism in Agra, this is because  that there are lots of famous  historical monuments in  agra, of Mughals  . Mughals came in  India in  sixteenth century . The founder of Mughal dynasty was  Zaheerudin- Mohd- Babur , who came from ferghana(Badakshan) . He  tried to established their rule in India  so  many times but got success in  " The battle of Panipat 1526" with Ibrahim Lodhi . Ibrahim Lodhi was the son  of Sikander Lodhi , who established  Agra  as  his second capital , but after the  Panipat war  Agra  came under the control of Mughals. The rule of Mughals continued till  the mid of  ninteenth century.

   In Agra many budget hotels in agra , lots of  historical places to visit like, the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Akbar tomb, Itmad-ud-daulah , Fatehpur Sikri, AAram Bagh, Chini Ka Roza,  Radha soami temple.. etc. you are not able to see all these incredible monuments in two  days  at least you need one week to see them . Apart from the historical monuments  there are lots to see like  temples Mankameshwar, Kailash temple, Raoli temple , Bhairav temple  , which is besides to tajmahal. I woul;d like to inform you  that when you have  chance to come into  Agra must eat   Kachodi, Badai, Jalebi, Samosa, doodh,  Petha, aaloo ka parantha,  and lots of  delicious  dishes of Agra , and you can    never forget to buy leather goods  from agra , especially  shoes , ladies & gents purse and  other leather items ,  and  Pietra Dura  work itemlike marble table& , plate  etc.
In Agra  you can  easily find  hotel  according to your budget, like  five star category and others  . But Hotel Panna Paradise is one of the best hotel amongst  Budget class hotels in Agra , it  is very near to Taj Mahal , Agra  fort   and  little bit far away from other historical monuments. . from Hotel PannaParadise you can view the  Taj from  roof top . a very clear view  you have  not seen from any where and one thing more i would like to share about  Hotel PannaParadise that  its staff and owner are very cooperative . 
 So at last  i would like to write   Agra is the  Heart Crown of India , because  Tajmahal  is situated  in it.

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