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Incredible Golden Triangle Tour

Incredible Golden Triangle Tour
Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most fascinating tour for the tourist, as in it tourist journey start from the heart land of India, and ends at the City of forts and palaces. Golden triangle tour comprises of three most popular tourist destination cities of North India ie(  New Delhi), The capital of Republic of  India,   Agra,( The historic city and the capital of the Moguls) ,and at the last the capital of Rajasthan and the city of forts and palaces ie, Jaipur.
The journey of your tour will begin from capital, it is home magnificent monuments constructed during Mogul’s British and Modern era. The city presents finest and traditional charm of modernity traditional charm. You will see here India’s top three UNESCO world heritage Sites – Red fort ,Qutub Minar , and Humayun ‘s Tomb . You will see other historical monument and sites like, Rajghat (the final resting place of Father of Nation Mahtma Gandhi ji, ), India Gate (an imposing war memorial ), Old fort  and National Museum. You will also see some religious sites such as Jama Masjid (the largest mosque of India) , Laxmi Narayan temple, Lotus Temple, Chhatarpur temple and Akshar Dham Temple (the largest Hindu temple complex in the  world). Thus the city has lots to offer its visitors and never fail to lure them at all.
After having some lunch in a road side dhaba on the highway we will move towards  Agra,the city of Love and peace “Sulah kul Nagri”. A part from being an Sulah Kul Nagri it is a ancient and Historical city of India. It is located on the banks of Yamuna River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the real gem of golden triangle tour because it is home to the magnificient Taj Mahal – India’s star tourist attraction. Also called the symbol of Love , The Tajmahal is one of the Seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Agra Fort, Itmad ud daulah, Rdha soami temple , Sikandra and the ghost city Fatehpur Sikri.
After Agra we will move towards the Pink city of India, Jaipur is one of the well planned cities in this country . It is the capital and largest city of Indian state  of Rajasthan . It has emerged as a much sought after destination of most itineraries of Rjasthan travel.  In other words it gateways of Rajasthan tours. City palace complex, Birla temple , Govind Dev ji Temple , Hawa Mahal (the palace of winds ), Jantar Mantar observatory , Jal Mahal , Albert Hall Museum , Jaigarh Fort , Nahargarh Fort  and Amber Fort are prime attractions for tourism in this city.
Thus it is obviously that on your Golden Triangle Trip  India wil definitely fascinates you and give you a delightful experience  that will last I your memories  for lifetime.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Golden Triangle Tour with Enthralling Destination

If someone wants to experience unique traditions, glorious past and distinct cultures ,you should opt for golden triangle tour Package . This tour is extremely popular in India  as it is the combination of three major cities located in north India.Delhi , Agra and Jaipur are three cities which comprise of unique cultural excursions for the people  to experience it. The package includes visiting all these three cities to enjoy the amazing excursions.one can get complete information about the past and people can gather  valuable information about India.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise,Agra .Superb In Hospitality

Hotel Panna Paradise, is one of the  best budget class hotels in agra and famous for its hospitality.Guest is treated as just like as god ,as Indian's follow the tradition of ancient India ie, " Guest is God" .Hotel Panna Paradise is also following our old traditional concept, our motto is to satisfy our guest needs within short period of time, and their satisfaction makes us happy.
           Hotel Panna Paradise is located centrally in the capital of Moghul's dynasty ruler. All the major world heritage monuments is situated within  the perimeter of five kilometer to six kilometer. The mausoleum of Mumtaj Mahal is situated at the distance of two and half kilometer,the gargantuan white marble mausoleum is built by the Moghul emperor, Shahjhan in memory of his wife" Mumtaj Mahal to fulfill her wish. Tajamahl is the pride of our country and for the staff of  Hotel Panna Paradise the best service is the pride for them.Compliments given by our honorable guest  is their gold medals ,to solve the problem of our guest we try to provide best efforts.Our relentless efforts making us more responsible towards our duties and responsibilities.One short story I would like to share with you , A single lady guest lost her A.T.M. card in the nearest A.T.M , she was quite upset and sitting with grief in Hotel Panna Paradise restaurant "SPEISE". I came to know about this incident  from her  and ask her to help ,I went with her to the nearest ATM & bank , we asked to the employee's of the bank , some of them refused because they were unaware of about it,...then i asked to the guard about the card, he replied to me that,  yes sir I found it and deposited to the responsible person. we have collected the card from the officer and came back to hotel.One major hilarious moment was that ,I took her on my bike and it was raining also ,I knew  that no body will guide her appropriately and they would miss guide her. She was very happy when she found her  lost card again and constantly thanking me and the staff of  Hotel Panna Paradise. Hotel Panna Paradise has sufficient staff for every shift because lack of staff creates problems and then these problem 's turned into complaints.Our rooms service and house keeping  boys are well trained and well educated .We do provide twenty four hour service's to our guest like running of hot and cold water, intercom service , wi-fi services in the rooms and room service's constantly in the rooms of  Hotel Panna Paradise situated Agra near taj mahal hotels . In the bathrooms mostly all the herbal product given to the guest because we do not want any compromise with the health  of our guest, as all our guest is our responsibilities and we do not want any complaints regarding the quality, because we emphasizes on best service and guest satisfaction.We do provide information related to the monuments of Agra city to the guest, soour guest cannot face any problem outside and feel relax always.
These minute minute our awareness making Hotel Panna Paradise best in the field of hospitality.Somtimes our guest gets irritated and we tried to sole out their problem and rest when we our guest do not satisfy. After these good efforts we get good compliments and makes us more proud.  Hotel Panna Paradise belived  "Athiti Devo Bhav" which is believed by every citizen of India. 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Incredible India .... Incredible India Tour.

Indi.....aaahhhh , amazing India after visit, visitors from different different states utters these words.Indeed India is a country which is full of historical heritage ,abode of different different religion's and cultures, and bliss for peace seekers. Enchanting nature of India attracts photographers from all over the world,apart from that hospitality of Indian's will never feel you that you are away from home.

India the land of contrasts alluring wealth and mysteries has remained as a fascinating destination for rest of the world for last two millenniums.Being the breeding ground of four major religion, India's hegemony has always attracted people from different walk of life who are in search of solace of soul. Its unbound wealth became a major reason behind several wars with Afghans, Mughal and at last the colonial rule of near about 3000 years . After independence India nourished her as an Industrial and IT hub.

Panna Holiday is a single window travel guide which familiarizes you with the rich heritage and current growth of India in a redefined and convenient manner. From air ticket booking to assisting you to the place of historic and economic importance , we leave no stone  unturned to make a India tour a memorable one. our tour package are budget friendly.

When India is fairy-tale and long cherished destination for dreams vacation, Panna Holidays is your trusted and cost-effective travel guide.  Panna Holidays will always with you during your whole India Tour Package , whether it is reservation of Hotel , air ticket 's , hiring a car for our guest and tour guide to understand the history of that monuments and city.

 Panna Holidays will provide you a one month tour package in it , you will be able to see and know about history of the city of historical heritage Agra.In the city of  The seven wonders of the world your tour guide will be waiting for you their in  traditional dress to welcome our guest , the Rajasthani Dancers(Kalbelia girls)  wiil welcome our guest and perform a very eye soothing dance for you.Our tour guidewill show you the royal Palaces  of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and in Ajmer you would be able to see the Tomb of Saint Moinuddin Chistee and Pushkar . Apart from that you would be able to spend a night in the tent in desert with music and dance . After Rajasthan our tour will leave for south India Via , enchanting caves of Madhya Pradesh ,and  Keral god's own country  here the staff of house boats will give you a warm welcome and take care of you  very much. After the spice land we will move towards the fascinating beaches Goa , dance girls will welcome their guest with great enthusiasm .At the last of your tour we will take our guest to Mumbai the city of Bollywood and last destination will be Delhi , here you would also gte chance to visit Moghul monuments and will enjoy the street food in Delhi and the moment to see off their guest .

Friday, 26 August 2011

Mehtab Bagh....one of the major attraction in Agra .

                                                                         My Dear friends,

I would like to tell you about the one of the most major attraction in Agra , and that is Mehtab Bagh alias Chaandani Bagh  (Moon light  Garden ). Mehtab Bagh  has been designed in the traditional, Persian style of Chaar bagh, mean a quadrilateral garden divided symmetrical by paved walkways .This styles of gardens are also called paradise gardens, as each streams or pathway symbolizes a river of paradise. Zaheer-ud-din  Mohd. Babur ,founder of the Moghul dynasty started this concept first in India.

We provide a same Agra day agra tour packge It is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, opposite the Taj mahal , these gardens served as a picturesque backdrop to the Taj. It featured an octagonal tank filled with clear water, in which the Taj Mahal's reflection could be seen . Leading from the central tank were four canals that passed through  the middle of the gardens. Gorgeous flowers and lush greenery lent the gardens thier splendor and red sandstone canopies each side the tank provide shade for visitors to relax and enjoy scenic views of the Taj Mahal . The pavilion were interconnected  by covered  corridors.

with the passing of time , the gardens were flooded by the river water and later buried under sand. Now, only their excavations remain. some surviving remnants of the garden include the large  octagonal tank, which bordered by 16 scalloped arches and spacious pavillions built of red sandstone. Most of the other buildings have not survived the ravages of time. However, recently the garden has been  renovated  and replenished   with 40 different  species of plants in full bloom.

Mehtab Bagh  is now popular place with seasoned travelers, who wish to enjoy exquisite views of the Taj mahal across the river Yamuna.

This Octagonal Tank at Mehtab Bagh  is recently excavated . Also legends(myth) have it that this is where Shahjahan, the Moghul Prince who built Taj mahal in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal, planned to built his own black mausoleum, an absolutely symmetrical garden tomb, bang opposite theTaj.
Contemporary studies suggest that this black Taj was metaphorical, and referred to the dark reflection of the white  Taj in the octagonal tank. One can have a breath taking views of Tajmahal  from here and also have the chance of viewing its reflection  in the waters of Yamuna as well as in this tank if it has water in it , truly Agra hotels well kept secret.
Yogesh Dubey

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Golden Triangle Tour with Panna Holidays

In India , Golden Triangle tour is the best tour package, through which tourist gets chance to explore many worth visiting destination with great fervor. During the trip to India, visitors observe and experience an assortment of things like historical monuments, super forts and palaces, exotic wildlife, rich flora &fauna , vast desert landscapes, eye soothing natural beauty,wonderful temples verdant hill stations, towering mountain peaks ,enchanting beaches, snow clad peak with many other things .

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Same day Agra tour in the City of Tajmahal


My dear friend's  today i would like to  inform you about he Same day tour in Agra. Agra, an old heritage city on the banks of the river yamuna, finds mention in the epic Mahabharata as Agraban. Ptolemy, the famous 2nd century geographer, marked it as agra on the world map. It is generally accepted that sultan Sikandar Lodhi,the ruler of DelhiSultanate founded it in the  year 1504 A.D. but he golden age of the city began with Mughal rulers after 1526 A.D.It was then known as Akbrabad and remained the capital of the  Mughal empire under  Emperor Akbar, Jahangir  and Shah Jahan . Agra's significance as a political centre ended with the transfer of the capital to Delhi by emperor Shah Jahan , but its architectural wealth has secured it's place on the International map.

Places to visit in Agra.

The seven wonders of the world  Tajmahal ,Agra fort, Akbar tomb (Sikandra),Akbar 's dream capital( Fatehpur Sikri). 

Tajmahal was built by the grief stricken Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Arjumand Banu Begum entitled as Mumtaz Mahal. This world renowned wonder sits pretty on the northen side of a green paradise.It looks same from the all side .Tajmahal , has been awarded the world heritage side in 1986 by the UNESCO. Construction of this enchanting mausoleum ,on the bank of river Yamuna started in 1631A.D.and it took about 22years to complete  the whole premises with help of an estimated 20000 workers.

The great Mughal Emperor, Akbar built  the most part of this world heritage  monument in red sand stone. In eight years(1565-1573A.D.) the fort was ready , yet successive monarchs could not resist adding their insignia in the form of personalized palaces and mosque like moti Maszid, Diwan -E-Aam , Diwan-E-Khas, Jahangir's palace, Khas mahal , sheesh mahal and Musamman Burz(where Shahajahan was held captive )etc

Sikandra is the mausoleum of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It represents his philosphy and secular outlook, combining the best of Hindu and Muslim architectures in a superlative fusion . It was completed in 1613A.D. , and is one of the well preserved monuments.

Fathepur Sikri, a world heritage site, built by the mughal Emperor Akbar who shifted his residence and court from Agra to Sikri, for a period of 13 years, from 1572-1585 A.D.to honour the Sufi saint Salim Chistee,who resided in a cavern on th eridge, Akbar reserved him very much as the saint had blessed  him with a son named Salim in 1569A.D. The beautiful marble  tomb of Sheikh Salim Chistee  attracts thousand of people who seeks blessings of the  revered saint.

there are so many hotel in agra is  one of the most important centres for handicraft, made of marble inlay work. The Mughals were great patrons of artand craft. Empress Noorjahan took personal interest and was an accomplished artist herself in Zari emroidery work. Agra's major handicraft products besides inlay work are leatheware , brassware, carpets , jewwlery and embroiderywork.. Agra is also  well known for its sweet Petha ,Gazak, and Dalmoth . The main shoping area of the city are Sadar Bazar, Fatehabad Road ,Munro road, Raja ki Mandi, Sanjay place& near Tajmahal complex &shilphaat.

If you wanted to know more about Agra ... just mail me on my email id. giyo1986@gmail.com

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Hotel Panna Paradise (One of the best budget hotel in Agra)

This article speaks about budget s in Agra which offer very good value for money . These hotels are excellent value for money and you can now book them online like, (www.hotelpannaparadise.com)

If you are planning to visit the city of historical heritage and if you have  a limited  budget on your accommodation you should definitely consider the budget hotels. Hence you can get a convenient accommodation at affordable prices
Hotel Panna Paradise, have a array of basic facilities in the rooms such as ,well appointed Air conditioned rooms,  Multichannel L. C .D & Fridge in every rooms Wi-fi, Intercom and Telephone  facility for guest, Doctor on call, 24hours Power Back up, All credit card acceptability  Tea maker and Restaurant, Roof top view of  Tajmahal  , Room Service, Laundry and more……Hotel Panna Paradise is near to Tajmahal  and located in the central point  from major historical monuments , other tourist places and shopping malls .
 The Budget accommodations in Agra are perfect for individual tourist as well as business travelers . The business facilities include conference hall for conducting business meetings as well as conferences. The hotel rooms are well appointed  with comfortable beds to sleep in. The rooms are divided into various categories such as …. Panna Royal Club, Panna Club room with Balcony, Panna Premium Room and the last Panna suite. The rooms are perfect for honeymoon couples and families.
Hotel Panna Paradise offers to the guest ‘s relish with a wide range of cuisine” The Speise” including Mughlai, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes.  Round the clock room service and personalized attention to every guest is the specialty at Panna Paradise.
From the roof top you can you can have a panoramic view of the Tajmahal. Arrangement for sightseeing of Agra can also be done by the reception. And you can even order food to your room in case you are too tired to go down to the restaurant. Hotel Panna Paradise is one of the quite popular with students and backpackers as accommodation and food come a lower cost. The reception can make complete arrangement for tours and other activities such as camel ride and Tonga ride and on demand puppet show. The staff of Hotel Panna Paradise is very warm and  hospitable and rooms service is 24 hours a day. In case of peak season, you can make your hotel bookings in advance through online hotel reservation websites.(www.hotelpannaparadise.com )
For comprehensive information on budget hotels in Agra you can click on the link . You can even book a room in a Agra budget hotel in advance through online hotelreservation sites.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rath Yatra .....(Chariot Parade in Puri , Orissa)

Ratha Yatra is  a huge Hindu festival associated with LordJagannath held at Puri in the state of Orissa, India during the months of June or July. Most of the city's society is based around the worship of Jagannath with the ancient temple being the fulcrum of the area. The festival commemorates Lord Jagannath's annual visit to Gundicha mata's temple via aunt's home (Mausi Maa Temple which is near Balagandi Chaka in Puri).

Ratha yatra, the Festival of Chariot : Chariots of Shri Jagannath is celebrated every year at Puri, the temple town in Orissa, on the second (dwitiya) day of shukla pakshya (waxing cycle of moon) of Ashadh Maas (3rd month in Lunar Calendar). The presiding deities of the Jagannath Temple, Puri main temple, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra, with the celestial wheel [ Sudarshana chakra ] are taken out from the temple precincts in an elaborate ritual procession to their respective chariots. The huge, colourfully decorated chariots, are drawn by multitude of devotees on the bada danda, the grand avenue to the Gundicha Temple (Gundicha - King Indradyumna's Queen) , two miles away to the North.On their way back from the Gundicha Temple, the three deities stop for a while near the Mausi Maa Temple (Aunt's abode) and have an offering of the Poda Pitha, which is a special type of pancake supposed to be the Lord's favourite. After a stay for seven days, the deities return to their abode.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise: Increasing Tourism in the city of Tajmahal , Agra

Hotel Panna Paradise: Increasing Tourism in the city of Tajmahal , Agra: "Hello , My dear friends , I would like to share my views with you towards the increasing tourism in Agra, this is because that there are..."

Monday, 30 May 2011

Panna The Speise.... The Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Panna ...... The Speise is a multi cuisine restaurant in the city of Tajmahal,Agra .Panna The Spiese is  the Part of the Hotel Panna Paradise family, which established for the greatest satisfaction of our valuable guest.In Agra 
Panna ....The Speise serves every kind of delicious food to their guest, we provide Mughlai, Coninental,Chinese it will give the real taste of your home. 
We serve varieties of delicious food  whether it is for our vegetarian guest and non vegetarian guest , in vegetarian we serve Kadai Paneer,Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer,Paneer Makhani in which cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tomato and butter gravy. The very delicious dish Malai Kofta which is prepared in the cottage cheese dumpling in cashew gravy, oh my god its very tasty to eat,  and it served with the varities of Roti or naan, Raita, Rice in the form of Vegetarian Biryani or Pulaav, dal makhani and aloo jeera with Salad .
Roti or sometimes we called it chapati plays a dominant role in the Indian Cuisine ,in our country there are different different ways of making chapati ,but mostly it is baked at ""Tavaa"" an Iron plate which is placed on Chulha or gas. . We serve roti's like Missi roti, Tawa Roti, Tandoori Roti,Plain Naan Butter Naan , Garlic Naan Lachha Parantha, and Stuffed Parantha. Indian cuisines are famous for their taste and in that manner it prepared, it takes lots of preparation to make it and India is very good destination for food lovers. 
In Rice we provide different different varieties like, vegetarian Pulaav, Jeera Rice,Steamed Rice,Peas Pulaav,Vegetarian Fried Rice.Indians are fond of eating rice in different different ways,even i also like rice very much .....oh my god i am missing these delicious very much.In Panna The Speise ,we focus our service should be good and we do not want to listen any type of guest complaint in related to food because we wanted to serve the best quality of food in Agra. In our restaurant guest feels like their home and praises our chef, Panna The speise chef prepares the food with lots of efforts and always focus to provide his food at time with best quality of food served like at home . We also focus on cleanliness of our staff and chef .Because i don't want any type of guest complaint and always focus for the satisfaction of our valuable guest.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise: Hotels ...in the city of Tajmahal ,Agra

Hotel Panna Paradise: Hotels ...in the city of Tajmahal ,Agra: "The architecture of Tajmahal is the most sophisticated architecture in the world that's why , it is known as Seven wonders..."

Hotels ...in the city of Tajmahal ,Agra

The architecture of Tajmahal is the most  sophisticated  architecture  in the world that's why , it is known as Seven wonders of the world.The construction of the Taj mahal was done by , the Moghul Prince Shahjahan in the memory of his third wife Arjumand Bano Begum. The eternal love story of both them started from  the meena baazar.
   When she died during the birth of her fourteenth child in  the garden at the banks of the river Tapti in in Deccan now a days (Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh). She asked for three promises to the prince and he proved it , that he will not marry again , he will not discrimnate amongst their children and the last  he will built a memorable mausoleum in memory of her after her death. So Tajmahal is the symbol of love  of Mumtajmahal and Shahjahan .     After the  enlistment of Tajmahal in the UNESCO, world heritage list there is upliftment  in the tourism sector in Agra , each year unimaginable tourist visit Tajmahal . In the city of Tajmahal there are lots hotels as according to the budget of the tourist like five star category hotels  , three star category hotels near Tajmahal and budget class Hotels near Tajmahal . Five star category hotels near  Tajmahal like Amar vilas, Mughal sheraton, Jaypee Palace and The Orient Taj.. In the category of three star hotel like Pushvilla, The Howard Park Plaza etc..
 In Budget class hotels in Agra  , Hotel Panna Paradise  is the best  hotel  , it is just 2.5 km from the Tajmahal ,Agra fort and couples of km from other monuments . Hotel Panna Paradise also has Multicuisine Restaurant" Speise.. The Panna" . From the roof top our guest can view the Tajmahal   and  it provide s all the latest aminities to their guest like 24hour front desk, car rental , doctor on call , airconditioned in all the rooms , refrigerator  in all the rooms , Lcd tv in all the rooms /All major national and international channels , and we also provide complimentry  WI-FI  internet  in the rooms..
     Hotel Panna Paradise  also provide their valuable guest  , tour guide  of all the language as per the demand of the guest.  The owner of the Hotel Panna Paradise , Mr Sunil Dubey  always focus  on the maintenance of the  property, neat and cleaniness.  
So my dear friends  i will write more  next ... till then Namaste...

Yogesh Dubey(Business Development Manager)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise

My Dear  Sisters and Brothers, today I would like to share my views  towards my Hotel Panna Paradise  It is one of the best  hotel amongst budget hotels in Agra.The name Panna  has been derived from the name of my great  Grand Father  ((  Late Shri Panna Lal Dubey ji)) , so its an tribute to  him.  We are able to start this Hotel because of the blessings of our grandfather and  grand mother. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

Increasing Tourism in the city of Tajmahal , Agra

Hello , My dear friends  ,
I would like to  share my views with you towards the increasing tourism in Agra, this is because  that there are lots of famous  historical monuments in  agra, of Mughals  . Mughals came in  India in  sixteenth century . The founder of Mughal dynasty was  Zaheerudin- Mohd- Babur , who came from ferghana(Badakshan) . He  tried to established their rule in India  so  many times but got success in  " The battle of Panipat 1526" with Ibrahim Lodhi . Ibrahim Lodhi was the son  of Sikander Lodhi , who established  Agra  as  his second capital , but after the  Panipat war  Agra  came under the control of Mughals. The rule of Mughals continued till  the mid of  ninteenth century.

   In Agra many budget hotels in agra , lots of  historical places to visit like, the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Akbar tomb, Itmad-ud-daulah , Fatehpur Sikri, AAram Bagh, Chini Ka Roza,  Radha soami temple.. etc. you are not able to see all these incredible monuments in two  days  at least you need one week to see them . Apart from the historical monuments  there are lots to see like  temples Mankameshwar, Kailash temple, Raoli temple , Bhairav temple  , which is besides to tajmahal. I woul;d like to inform you  that when you have  chance to come into  Agra must eat   Kachodi, Badai, Jalebi, Samosa, doodh,  Petha, aaloo ka parantha,  and lots of  delicious  dishes of Agra , and you can    never forget to buy leather goods  from agra , especially  shoes , ladies & gents purse and  other leather items ,  and  Pietra Dura  work itemlike marble table& , plate  etc.
In Agra  you can  easily find  hotel  according to your budget, like  five star category and others  . But Hotel Panna Paradise is one of the best hotel amongst  Budget class hotels in Agra , it  is very near to Taj Mahal , Agra  fort   and  little bit far away from other historical monuments. . from Hotel PannaParadise you can view the  Taj from  roof top . a very clear view  you have  not seen from any where and one thing more i would like to share about  Hotel PannaParadise that  its staff and owner are very cooperative . 
 So at last  i would like to write   Agra is the  Heart Crown of India , because  Tajmahal  is situated  in it.

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