Thursday, 24 November 2011

Golden Triangle Tour with Enthralling Destination

If someone wants to experience unique traditions, glorious past and distinct cultures ,you should opt for golden triangle tour Package . This tour is extremely popular in India  as it is the combination of three major cities located in north India.Delhi , Agra and Jaipur are three cities which comprise of unique cultural excursions for the people  to experience it. The package includes visiting all these three cities to enjoy the amazing can get complete information about the past and people can gather  valuable information about India.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hotel Panna Paradise,Agra .Superb In Hospitality

Hotel Panna Paradise, is one of the  best budget class hotels in agra and famous for its hospitality.Guest is treated as just like as god ,as Indian's follow the tradition of ancient India ie, " Guest is God" .Hotel Panna Paradise is also following our old traditional concept, our motto is to satisfy our guest needs within short period of time, and their satisfaction makes us happy.
           Hotel Panna Paradise is located centrally in the capital of Moghul's dynasty ruler. All the major world heritage monuments is situated within  the perimeter of five kilometer to six kilometer. The mausoleum of Mumtaj Mahal is situated at the distance of two and half kilometer,the gargantuan white marble mausoleum is built by the Moghul emperor, Shahjhan in memory of his wife" Mumtaj Mahal to fulfill her wish. Tajamahl is the pride of our country and for the staff of  Hotel Panna Paradise the best service is the pride for them.Compliments given by our honorable guest  is their gold medals ,to solve the problem of our guest we try to provide best efforts.Our relentless efforts making us more responsible towards our duties and responsibilities.One short story I would like to share with you , A single lady guest lost her A.T.M. card in the nearest A.T.M , she was quite upset and sitting with grief in Hotel Panna Paradise restaurant "SPEISE". I came to know about this incident  from her  and ask her to help ,I went with her to the nearest ATM & bank , we asked to the employee's of the bank , some of them refused because they were unaware of about it,...then i asked to the guard about the card, he replied to me that,  yes sir I found it and deposited to the responsible person. we have collected the card from the officer and came back to hotel.One major hilarious moment was that ,I took her on my bike and it was raining also ,I knew  that no body will guide her appropriately and they would miss guide her. She was very happy when she found her  lost card again and constantly thanking me and the staff of  Hotel Panna Paradise. Hotel Panna Paradise has sufficient staff for every shift because lack of staff creates problems and then these problem 's turned into complaints.Our rooms service and house keeping  boys are well trained and well educated .We do provide twenty four hour service's to our guest like running of hot and cold water, intercom service , wi-fi services in the rooms and room service's constantly in the rooms of  Hotel Panna Paradise situated Agra near taj mahal hotels . In the bathrooms mostly all the herbal product given to the guest because we do not want any compromise with the health  of our guest, as all our guest is our responsibilities and we do not want any complaints regarding the quality, because we emphasizes on best service and guest satisfaction.We do provide information related to the monuments of Agra city to the guest, soour guest cannot face any problem outside and feel relax always.
These minute minute our awareness making Hotel Panna Paradise best in the field of hospitality.Somtimes our guest gets irritated and we tried to sole out their problem and rest when we our guest do not satisfy. After these good efforts we get good compliments and makes us more proud.  Hotel Panna Paradise belived  "Athiti Devo Bhav" which is believed by every citizen of India.