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70 kms away from Agra, Bateshwar is essentially a temple town, situated on the bank of the holy river Yamuna. The name Bateshwar appears to have been derived from Vateshwarnath, one of the many names of Lord Shiva who is the presiding diety of this pilgrim town. Flanked by the holy Yamuna, Bateshwar has a plethora of temples, once totalling to 101. Out of these 42 temples still stand here. The beauty of this pilgrim town is its long line of Ghats dotted with a series of temples. Some of the temples's ceilings still retain their beautiful original frescoes painted with traditional vegetable paints.

This pilgrim town has been referred to in old scriptures like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Matsya Puran etc. From 8th century to 17th century, it remained an important town under the Gurjar, Chandela and Bhadawar kings. The illustrious King Badan Singh of Bhadawar kings. The illustrious King Badan Singh of Bhadawar dynasty shifted his capital from Mai to Bateshwar about 400 years ago. The present temples are said to be constructed by him.

The Jain scriptures also contain descriptions of Bateshwar. According to legends, the 22nd Tirthankar Lord Neminath, was born here. Presently there are several beautiful Jain temples here.

Bateshwar is also famous for its annual Cattle Fair, which is now almost four centuries old. It is held between Bateshwar and Mai today, also at the same site which was earmarked by King Badan Singh for the fair. It is the biggest and the most spectacular cattle fair held in northern India.

Places of Interest :
Bateshwarnath Temple :
This is the main temple of Bateshwar wherein an ancient Shiva linga is enshrined. The spectacular evening Arti with ringing of the bells and blowing of conch shells offers a soul-stirring experience.

River Front :
The long river front of Yamuna with fascinating rows of temples at Bateshwar is worth seeing. Other attractions are Bhimeshwar Temple, Narmadeshwar Temple, Moteshwar temple, Jageshwar Temple, Panchmukhi Yati Temple, Gaurishankar Temple, Pataleshwar Temple, Mandal temple, Bihariraj temple and the ruins of the old palace of Mai.

Excursions :
Shaouripur (3 kms ) :
A famous Jain pilgrimage centre where, as per belief, Lord Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankar, was born. Surrounded by a dens forest teeming with fauna and flora, there are seven big Shwetambar Jain temples. Two Digambar Jain temples in the vicinity are other attractions.

How to get there :
Air : Nearest airport is Kheria in agra (70 kms away)
Rail : The nearest railway station is Shikohabad. Convenient rail connections are available from the nearest town Agra.
Road : On Agra-fatehabad-Bateshwar rout, bus service is available from Agra. Some important road distances are : Agra - 70 kms, Fatehpur Sikri - 107 kms , Mathura - 124 kms.

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