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Mehtab of the major attraction in Agra .

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I would like to tell you about the one of the most major attraction in Agra , and that is Mehtab Bagh alias Chaandani Bagh  (Moon light  Garden ). Mehtab Bagh  has been designed in the traditional, Persian style of Chaar bagh, mean a quadrilateral garden divided symmetrical by paved walkways .This styles of gardens are also called paradise gardens, as each streams or pathway symbolizes a river of paradise. Zaheer-ud-din  Mohd. Babur ,founder of the Moghul dynasty started this concept first in India.

We provide a same Agra day agra tour packge It is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, opposite the Taj mahal , these gardens served as a picturesque backdrop to the Taj. It featured an octagonal tank filled with clear water, in which the Taj Mahal's reflection could be seen . Leading from the central tank were four canals that passed through  the middle of the gardens. Gorgeous flowers and lush greenery lent the gardens thier splendor and red sandstone canopies each side the tank provide shade for visitors to relax and enjoy scenic views of the Taj Mahal . The pavilion were interconnected  by covered  corridors.

with the passing of time , the gardens were flooded by the river water and later buried under sand. Now, only their excavations remain. some surviving remnants of the garden include the large  octagonal tank, which bordered by 16 scalloped arches and spacious pavillions built of red sandstone. Most of the other buildings have not survived the ravages of time. However, recently the garden has been  renovated  and replenished   with 40 different  species of plants in full bloom.

Mehtab Bagh  is now popular place with seasoned travelers, who wish to enjoy exquisite views of the Taj mahal across the river Yamuna.

This Octagonal Tank at Mehtab Bagh  is recently excavated . Also legends(myth) have it that this is where Shahjahan, the Moghul Prince who built Taj mahal in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal, planned to built his own black mausoleum, an absolutely symmetrical garden tomb, bang opposite theTaj.
Contemporary studies suggest that this black Taj was metaphorical, and referred to the dark reflection of the white  Taj in the octagonal tank. One can have a breath taking views of Tajmahal  from here and also have the chance of viewing its reflection  in the waters of Yamuna as well as in this tank if it has water in it , truly Agra hotels well kept secret.
Yogesh Dubey

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